It all began with an Austrian and a Kiwi who walked into the world with an open mind and an appetite for the new and unique.

About us

Our entire adult life has been about pursuing new experiences in new places.

Our relationship with Yerba Mate has been long and varied. We learnt to appreciate the unique benefits of Mate tea over many moons ~ enjoyed hot while surf tripping in South Africa, enjoyed cold and bubbly on nights out in Berlin.

Through running our own food truck called Holy Guacamole in Taranaki, we felt there was something missing…

We wanted to offer our customers something exotic, healthy and unique, something fun to go with the casual beachside dining experience that’s good for the soul as well as energising and refreshing.

Little did we know, the answer was literally right under our noses.

To power our way through hectic summer seasons, we brewed Yerba Mate at home and flavoured it with whatever we had at hand. Once carbonated and chilled, the resulting infusions were simultaneously energising, unique and delicious.

We now knew what to serve our customers, this was our Eureka moment.

Planta was born in a whirlwind of salt spray, botanicals and hard work. 

Come see what all the fuss is about. Yerba Mate has a new home, it’s called Aotearoa New Zealand and you’re all invited.

Find us

Find your nearest stockist and get your Planta fix.

We’re lucky enough to be stocked at a range of awesome cafes and eateries throughout New Zealand.

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